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3/31/17 - Newest Baby App Like No Other

Kids and adults alike love apps where they can learn something useful. With the thousands of apps you can find today, there are some that truly stand out, thanks to their unique purpose and features. One of the newest and most anticipated apps today is none other than iPal Baby.

iPal Baby

What is iPal Baby?

iPal Baby is a wonderfully and creatively made app that gives everyone the chance to create and raise a virtual baby. This is an interesting, catchy and great app perfect both for children and adults who like to experience and learn the growth stages of a baby and be trained and prepared as a parent. iPal Baby has two primary goals and that is to learn how to grow a baby and to win the game.

iPal Babys

Features of iPal Baby
  • Choose your own baby, whether a girl or a boy.
  • Download the iPal Baby app and play on your iPhone, iPad, iTouch or Google Play devices.
  • Play in different environment such as the bedroom, living room, kitchen, outside and more.
  • Change the clothes of your baby.
  • Try the different activities at the play area any time.
  • And many more...
The Game Play

Taking care of your baby is easy to learn and you can do this in a short span of time. The duties found in the app are just the same with those done and carried out in the real world. This is what makes the app unique since the whole concept is not only fulfilling and fun but it is also a necessary experience.

iPal Baby Virtual Game


To start this game, you can choose if you want a girl or boy. Then, choose the baby’s features and name him or her. There are tips to help you in managing your baby, making purchases and navigating various locations. There is an on-screen child parameter you can monitor which will inform you about the satiety, health, energy and mood of your baby. Make sure that levels will not fall to minimum.


The four parameters mentioned above affect the child’s happiness level and condition. Once the parameter has been reduced, you have to rectify the situation right away.

Earn BabyCoins

Your player account will begin with 1500 BabyCoins. BabyCoins is the baby currency used in the app. You can earn BabyCoins when you complete quests, play mini-games or through in-app purchasing. There are also available Golden Stars in the whole game experience that makes new products readily available at the store.

If you are looking for a different app that is interesting and fun, you should give iPal Baby a try.

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